Friday, March 16, 2012

Turning 30!

My birthday's on Monday, but a couple weekends ago I got together with my long time best friends, Bre and Anndalyn (as in, we go back to the 7th grade, best friends) and had a girl's weekend to celebrate. We all turn 30 this year, so we couldn't pass up the opportunity to PARTAY! 

 On Friday night we lit up 30 candles and tried to blow them out before they all  melted into each other. 
Ya, that didn't happen. 
Watch this if you want a good laugh!

The entire weekend was filled with non-stop laughter :) 
I love them so much and feel so blessed to have them in my life!

 Saturday night after a day at the aquarium with the kids, naps, girls night out at Cafe Rio and Costco, we hit up the mall to find some sunglasses. Both Andy and I had told our husband's that all we wanted for our birthday's were a pair of real sunglasses. When I found the pair for me, I texted Shanam the above picture and said..."with these sunglasses, this will be me in 6 months." He said back, "for sure! get them!" :)

 Here we are in our birthday gifts! We had so much fun picking them out, I almost peed my pants 5 times. The sales guy said we made his night :)

Then, last Sunday, my bestie in Texas, Laura, who's also turning 30 this year, threw me a baby shower/birthday party. 
We had so much fun with everyone who came!

 One candle was a lot easier to blow out :)

 Who says you can't still act like goofballs when you're 30!

Love her to pieces :)


The Ormond Family said...

Happy Birthday to all of you!

Stephanie said...

Happy birthday today! Thanks for your comment on our blog. It would be great to meet you when we move to TX!

Hope everything continues to go well with your pregnancy!

Sheryl said...

HI Bethany,
This is Brendon Holmes mom. I saw your comment on Brendon and Steph's blog. So glad to see you so happy and having a beautiful family!!